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Dr. Rik King DC has just opened Vibe chiropractic clinic at Brighton Marina and would like to invite you along to have a talk about how we can help you with you improve your functionality, reduce pain, or even try and gain a few yards on your golf swing!

Dr Rik has said “as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I can help you heal and enhance all areas of your life. Without going too much into science, chiropractic care is about reconnecting the communication that has broken down between the brain and body. If you’re coming to me with pain and discomfort, we will work together to fix the pain as quickly as possible, as well as the stress that often comes with it. You probably know that pain, discomfort, and stiffness in the body are almost always symptoms of deeper problems. Once we’ve relieved the immediate pain, we’ll find and, as far as possible, heal the core of the issue.

Your treatment here at Vibe Chiropractic will be designed to have a powerful ripple effect across all areas of your life. That’s because chiropractic actually focuses on the nervous system. It will show where the blockers are within your body itself, and your mind-to-body communication, so we can work together to release them. From helping you feel full of energy, with a new zest for life, to improving your tennis back hand, Vibe Chiropractic is about helping you live the life you know you have in you.

So, if you’re in pain, need a little tune up, or even are just curious about Chiropractic feel free to pop in, call or email and we can see how we can help.