The People Behind the Bench Designs: Talented Runner Ups Backstory

May 26, 2023

Following the success of our recent Brighton Marina Bench Design Competition, we caught up with the two fantastically talented competition runner ups to delve into their design inspiration and learn more about their creative journey.  

First up…Olivia. Olivia was keen to capture the essence of what Brighton means to them and took inspiration their own seaside observations.

“For my bench design I drew inspiration from the charming elements of Brighton. I strive to appreciate the intricate details of life, as these seemingly small aspects can bring happiness.

The artwork I created features a vivid palette, symbolising the inclusiveness and exuberance that Brighton embodies. As I stroll along the seaside, I encounter strands of seaweed washed ashore, a delightful 99 ice cream, a discarded newspaper in a bin with gravy stains, and the shimmering sea glistening in the distance.”

Olivia has always had a passion for cartoon drawing, and at school earned the reputation of  an art enthusiast. Olivia would often get side-tracked by sketching during maths lessons!

Olivia is currently a Graphic Design student at the University of Brighton, with hopes of pursuing a career as a Creative Director in the future. The Brighton Marina team wishes Olivia well with the rest of her studies and exciting career ahead.

Our second talented runner up is Michael. Michael’s bench design submission was inspired by the bright colours that Brighton is famous for.

“Brighton is a wonderfully colourful destination. Everywhere I look I see these beautifully coloured murals on the sides of houses living alongside all sorts of different kinds of people, from all around the world. Not forgetting the seagulls swooping down for a cheeky chip!

“I decided to use digital painting as the medium as I haven’t used it a lot and wanted to practice my skills. I thought this would look the best on a real life bench and wanted to use really bright colours to reflect Brighton and what it is all about. I wasn’t expecting to get any further than just entering for fun, so to hear my work was in the top three winners blew my mind. It seems lots of people also liked my design when voting – thank you to those who voted for me!”

Michael’s creativity was sparked at a young age after watching Disney’s Fantasia. Since then, Michael has had a keen interest in music, art, technology and design. After university, Michael hopes to work for a games company to wow its customers and inspire a new generation.