POSTPONED: Are you ready to Bungee by the beach?

August 10, 2022


We are extremely sorry for this last minute cancellation and we do appreciate a lot of people will have made plans for the weekend but we do hope you understand the decision and that it has not been taken lightly or without consideration of all parties involved.

We have yet to announce a new date to replace this event or we can roll the bookings across 2023. We have a few London events coming up as well if you wanted to attend sooner. We are so sorry for this inconvenience.

When dates are announced, to rebook your jump, please contact us with your date choice (from those listed online at: ) by contacting our Bookings Team on 01226 982 771 and we will rebook you straightaway.

Kind Regards,

UK Bungee Customer Services

The stunning location allows participants to take in the amazing views of Brighton beach, with the distant shoreline on one side and Brighton and Hove city views on the other. For those not taking part, it’s a fantastic spectacle for spectators!

Important information:

  • 160ft jump height
  • Crane Bungee Jump
  • Jump over airbag (not water)
  • Tandem jumps available
  • Car parking available (charges apply)

Why not jump at the chance to pre-book this exciting experience and visit the following website: