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Vegan Perinaise Nandos

Nandos – Vegan Perinaise

December 31, 2019

Vegan Nando’s fans can today rejoice, as the brand has announced the launch of its new Vegan PERinaise, a plant based twist on the fan favourite sauce available Jan 1st in both restaurants and on the shelves at Tesco supermarkets.

Tasting just as good as the original, Vegan PERinaise is the first plant-based substitute to be developed by the PERi-PERi connoisseurs, with vegans, flexitarians, and those taking on Veganuary encouraged to cover their veggie Nando’s favourites in the new sauce.

The introduction of Vegan PERinaise will finally allow anyone opting for a plant-based meal to indulge in one of the brand’s most beloved condiments – whether in restaurant, or when creating the Nando’s experience at home!