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Register for the Gold Card 2019
Download the App
1. Download the app
2. View the offers
3. You will be pointed to the registration and login page only when you redeem an offer
  • Mobile app registrants can use the same credentials to log in online to see offers.
  • If you are already a digital card user and have an account, update the app to get 2019 offers, then use your existing details or reset your password to log in.
Get postal Gold Card
1. Complete your details in full
2. Postal cards can take up to a week to arrive
3. By registering for a postal Gold Card, you will automatically be signed up to the online account
  • Available in the UK only.
  • Gold Card 2018 holders will need to re-register for Gold Card 2019 to receive the new gold card in the post.
If you're a digital card user use last years log in details. If you are physical card holder you will need to re-register to receive your gold card in the post.