Bombolulu Workshops

April 26, 2021

We’re travelling virtually to Bombolulu Workshops in Mombasa, Kenya again for a joyful Dance and Cultural Event on:

Thursday May 20th between 6 and 6.45pm GMT via Zoom meeting at:

Link here

Meeting ID: 832 8887 8835
Passcode: 150727

So if you missed the first one, then please do join us this time and if you enjoyed the first session and would like to do a rerun that would be great too. We’ll enjoy learning about this Fair Trade producer group; see some of the products they make; watch a traditional Lua dance performance; learn some dance moves; and how to make a great cup of Kenyan coffee; meet two of the Fair Trade jewellery artisans, and chat with Bombolulu.

We’re asking for a £5 donation to help put food on their artisans’ tables at this difficult time via:

All the money you donate goes straight to Bombolulu. If you’ve already donated but couldn’t get in last time, no need to donate again.

Thank you so much. It’ll be fun and informative, and great to virtually visit Mombasa, Kenya.

Ask your friends and colleagues to join us – the more the merrier!  If you have a pair of Bombolulu earrings, please wear them and we’ll ask you to model them. Bombolulu will love that.

See you on May 20th. Asante sana!