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Packster 60 RENT Edition

Electric Bike Sussex NEW Cargo Bike Rental

May 12, 2020

Electric Bike Sussex are now offering Cargo Bike Rentals. 

Electric Bikes Sussex is delighted to bring you: Cargo Bike Rental. Launched in conjunction with leading German manufacturer Riese & Müller, this is an ideal way for businesses to experience the benefits of using Cargo Bikes at a very low price point as well as optimal environmentally-friendly credentials.

  • Have you introduced a new Delivery service during this Pandemic?
  • Are your Customers demanding more environmentally friendly Services?
  • Does finding a Parking space frustrate you?
  • Are Parking Charges eating into your profits?
  • Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle?

These are just some of the many reasons why Cargo Bikes could well be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Says Graham Rowe, managing director of Electric Bikes Sussex: “With a choice of two industry-leading Cargo Bikes, you could revolutionise your business for just £4 per day.  The initial Rental is for three months (90 days), after which you can decide to purchase the Bike at a discounted rate, or simply Return the Bike to Electric Bikes Sussex.  It really is that simple!”

Step 1: Choose between:

  • The R&M Packster 60 – Rent Edition at £4 per day. (£360)
  • The R&M Load 75 – Rent Edition at £5 per day. (£450)

Step 2: Contact Electric Bikes Sussex on:  01273-625060, or by email:

Step 3. When you collect your Bike, you simply get on, ride off and deliver your orders climate-neutrally.

  • Packster 60 Rent Edition: RSP: £6,269. Purchase Price after Rental = £5,650
  • Load 75 Rent Edition: RSP: £7,389.  Purchase Price after Rental = £6,580
Packster 60 RENT Edition

Packster 60 RENT Edition

A large loading area and a permissible total weight of 200 kg means it has a large cargo capacity. The loading area and the box of the Packster 60 have been designed for stacking boxes measuring 60 cm x 40 cm according to Euro grid dimensions. Insulated containers for food transport can also be integrated with this model. The Packster 60 in the RENT Edition is equipped with comfort kit, box, tarpaulin cover, luggage rack, additional chain lock and stepless Enviolo gear hub with belt drive. In addition, the Riese & Müller DualBattery with 1,000 Wh battery power.

Load 75 RENT Edition

Load 75 RENT Edition

With its huge loading area, the Load 75 offers almost infinite transport possibilities. At the same time, with its low centre of gravity and full suspension, it also brings outstanding driving dynamics to the road. Equipped with Riese & Müller Control Technology ensures better road holding and driving safety at high speeds and in tricky moments thanks to the active rear swing arm, optimised front suspension and the luggage carrier with suspension. The permissible total weight is 200 kg. The Load 75 in the RENT Edition is equipped with box, tarpaulin, luggage carrier, additional chain lock and stepless Enviolo gear hub with belt drive. In addition, the Riese & Müller DualBattery with 1,000 Wh battery power also enables long distance deliveries.

More Information:

Electric Bikes Sussex

Based in Brighton Marina, Electric Bikes Sussex is a specialist E-bike Retailer offering a wide choice of industry leading E-bikes.  With a full range of services, Electric Bikes Sussex is the only R&M dealer in England, also awarded the: “Bosch E-Bike Expert” status.

Riese & Müller

An internationally renowned manufacturer of premium E-bikes. Founded in 1993 and based in Mühltal Germany, they live by their motto:  Born of Conviction.


For more information and/or any images, please contact Graham Rowe, Managing Director, Electric Bikes Sussex.  Contact details above.