GBK - Gourmet Burger Kitchen

GBK - Gourmet Burger Kitchen

GBK kick-started the burger trend and was the first to introduce gourmet burgers into the UK market. Setting itself apart from the rest with a huge range of adventurous crafted burgers, GBK uses 100% prime beef, hand selected and traditionally reared on independent farms across the South West counties.

GBK only ever uses the freshest ingredients and creates sauces from scratch every day in each kitchen.

Mornings just got a lot easier! Say hello to the @Gourmet Burger Kitchen Brunch menu starring 6 beautifully indulgent brekkie burgers and a selection of (wait for it) breakfast shakes, including Strawberry & Granola and Chocolate & Marmite.

Served from Fri – Sun 10 am till 2pm, it'll be sure to help you defeat mornings.

So grab some extra napkins and we'll see you in the queue!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Brunch